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Total Soccer Academy FAQs

Answer to common Academy Program related questions are shown below. If the below information doesn’t answer your question please use the online contact form to contact CSA directly.

Total Soccer Academy Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

What is CSA’s Total Soccer Academy and what is the Junior Academy?

CSA’s Academy programs are designed for the long-term skill development and success of our players. These highly structured programs are led by CSA’s Academy Director, Brocklon Chatman (LSUA Head Men’s Soccer Coach), and are geared toward players looking for a more structured training environment.

Background/Problem: By virtue of the competitive nature of all (players and parents) and the general lack of soccer experience of volunteer coaches, the measurement of success for recreational teams usually becomes win-loss record. In turn, as players develop at different rates, teams tend to rely on the biggest, strongest, fastest players to carry teams to winning seasons. Ultimately, many players are left behind: imagine a classroom setting where students are able to ride the coattails of stronger, mature, more developed students without actually learning the skills necessary to be individually successful. Yes, they will get good grades, but how will they perform when they have to do it on their own?

Solution: CSA’s Academy programs shift the focus from team success to individual progress and the Long Term Player Development process of each player.


What is the Fast Feet Academy?

CSA’s Total Soccer Academy focuses on soccer fundamentals while incorporating the speed, agility, stability, and coordination training provided by Fast Feet Academy. This additional training translates to all sports by promoting quick reactions, sharp decisions, and lightning speed. Fast Feet Academy’s model is grounded in the training methods used by professional teams, often represented by the acronym TIPSTechnique, Insight/Intelligence, Personality, & Speed.

When does the Academy season start and how long does the season last?

Academy programs begin September 1. Exact practice times will be set at least one month prior to season’s start; game times for the season will be released in early September. The season lasts 16 weeks, 8 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring. Players may sign up for Fall and Spring Academy at once (discounted) or separately.


Where and when does the Academy programs practice and play games?

All Total Soccer Academy programs train at the Johnny Downs Sports Complex on Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00-7:00pm.  Programs play games on Saturdays at Johnny Downs.


What is practice/training like and do Academy players have “teams”?

Practice Vision: The Academy program follows a curriculum, similar to classroom, where each lesson builds upon the last. Though the programs are strict in their content, the rate of progress for each player is flexible so that players are consistently playing in a skill-appropriate, challenging environment. Players practice in small and large groups, commonly referred to as “pools.” These pools of players are fluid so that players can be placed in the appropriate group each practice depending on the needs of the player and the practice.

Teams/PoolsAcademy/Junior Players will have specific teams and coaches for games.  With that said, players may change teams during the season.  As with training pools, the ability to move players is necessary to ensure maximum touches and a skill-appropriate environment for each player.  Think: long term, individual development over short term, team success.  Although team success and individual development are not mutually exclusive, the Academy makes it a point to ensure individual development does not get lost in the haze created by the desire to win.


Against which teams do the Junior Academy play and is there any travel?

Junior Academy teams will play against CSA recreational teams and other Junior Academy teams. Ultimately, the goal is to make games as competitive as possible. All games for the Junior Academy will be local.


Against which teams do the Academy play AND is there any travel?

Academy teams will play other CSA Academy teams as well as other Academy teams from clubs throughout the state. CSA will host Academy teams from 4 clubs on October 23rd for its inaugural Academy Festival.

There will be two opportunities for the Academy teams to travel and play against other clubs, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Travel is optional though greatly encouraged.


Why do Recreational and Academy teams play small-sided games, not 11 vs 11 like the pros?

The following is copied directly from U.S. Youth Soccer’s website (CSA’s emphasis added):

“Here are some of the reasons why we believe, as soccer coaches, administrators and parents must guarantee that our young soccer players play small-sided games:

1. Because we want our young soccer players to touch the soccer ball more often and become more skillful with it! (Individual technical development)
2. Because we want our young soccer players to make more, less-complicated decisions during the game! (Tactical development)
3. Because we want our young soccer players to be more physically efficient in the field space they are playing in! (Reduced field size)
4. Because we want our young soccer players to have more individual teaching time with the coach! Fewer players on the field and fewer players on the team will guarantee this! (Need to feel worthy and need to feel important)
5. Because we want our young soccer players to have more, involved playing time in the game! (More opportunity to solve problems that only the game presents)
6. Because we want our young soccer players to have more opportunity to play on both sides of the ball! (More exposure to attacking and defending situations)
7. Because we want our young soccer players to have more opportunities to score goals! (Pure excitement)
8. Because we want to include children of all temperaments, assertive to shy, to have more opportunities to interact with others and the game! (Socialization)

These are the reasons why we adults must foster “Small-Sided Games” in our youth soccer programs. The “Small-Sided” environment is a developmentally appropriate environment for our young soccer players. It’s a FUN environment that focuses on the young soccer player.

It just makes sense doesn’t it?”


What is an Academy Festival?

Academy Festivals are similar to tournaments in that teams play multiple games against teams from other clubs. Unlike tournaments, there are no playoffs or championship matches. In keeping with the developmental philosophy of Academy programs, Festivals include different game formats (4v4, 7v7, 9v9) geared towards giving players maximum involvement, touches on the ball, and opportunities to attack and defend.


What equipment does my player need (including uniforms) and where can I purchase?

*Uniforms: Both Academy & Junior Academy programs wear the same uniforms (2 jerseys, 1 short, 2 socks).  LPSA registration includes training jersey; LPSA players are responsible for purchasing 1 short and 2 socks.  All Academy items are available for purchase at CSA’s Online Academy Store.  The password to access the Academy uniform ordering online is: CSA1517.

1617 csa tsa kits

*Ball: All Junior Academy and Academy players should have a size 3 soccer ball.  Academy players should also have a size 4 ball.  LPSA players should have the size ball appropriate for their age.


Are there makeup days for rainouts?

With no control over the frequency of bad weather, CSA does not have an official policy on making up rainouts. With that said, as the development of your child is of paramount importance, CSA will do its best to ensure players have as many training sessions and games as possible during the season. CSA wants your players playing!


Does CSA give refunds?

CSA has a No Refund Policy. However, if a program is not a proper fit for a player, it is possible to transfer programs.