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Concessions Fundraiser

In order to help fund local high schools soccer programs, CSA invites local high school soccer programs to apply to run the concession stand at Johnny Downs during weekly recreational and academy games.  Schools selected run the concession stand in either the fall or spring season with the proceeds going towards their high school soccer program(s).

2015/16 Concession Fundraiser Beneficiaries: Fall – Bolton High School; Spring – Rapides High School

2016/17 Concession Fundraiser Beneficiaries: Fall – Pineville High School; Spring – TBD

Since 2015, Crossroads has helped raise over $6,000 for local high school soccer programs.

If you are interested in running the concession stand for a season in order to fundraise for your child’s school please email Jeremy at director@cenlasoccer.com.

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