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CSA PRIDE players recognized on high school All-State Teams!

Congrats to the CSA PRIDE players (current and past) selected to the LHSSCA All-State teams:

Dylan Foxworth (ASH/PRIDE ‘00 Boys)
Elias Hanna (Menard/CSC Academy)
Eduardo Hernandez (Bolton/PRIDE ‘00 Boys)
Alexci Nava (DeRidder/PRIDE ‘00 Boys)
Xavier Reyes (Leesville/PRIDE ’00 Boys)

Brett Bolton(ASH/PRIDE ‘00 Boys)
Zack Clear (Pineville/PRIDE ‘02/‘03 Boys)

Full online flip book of all 2017/18 LHSAA/LHSSCA Soccer All-State Teams: http://pub.lucidpress.com/lhsscaBoysAllState2018/

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