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Potential Affiliation of Academy & Competitive Programs with Cajun Soccer Club

As Crossroads Soccer Association continues its mission to provide the best soccer development experience for CENLA players, a tremendous opportunity has presented itself: an affiliation with Lafayette-based Cajun Soccer Club for Crossroads’ Academy (9U-10U) and Competitive (11U-19U) programs.
Please join us on Thursday, March 22nd (6:00pm), at Our Lady of Prompt Succor’s Divine Providence Center, to hear a presentation provided by Michael Ritch, Executive Director of Cajun Soccer Club (USSF ‘A’ License), about the increased value and improved player development experiences that could be afforded to CENLA players with an affiliation with Cajun Soccer Club.
Though CSC will provide many more details, please see below for answers to general questions regarding the potential affiliation.
  • Is Crossroads Soccer closing?
No.  This is a proposed affiliation with Cajun Soccer Club (“CSC”) for Crossroads’ Academy and Competitive programs.  Crossroads’ recreational program will be unaffected, except that Crossroads will have a renewed focus on dedicating resources to the largest segment of our playing population and a new-found working-relationship with one of the biggest, most successful clubs in Louisiana.
  • Does this mean I would have to travel to Lafayette to play Academy or Competitive soccer? 
No, the biggest change would be in the administration of the program, not the location of where kids play.  Similar to how CSC operates programs in north and south Lafayette, Alexandria would operate as another campus that offers CSC Academy (9U-10U) and Competitive programs (11U-19U).
Campus 1 – North Lafayette, Moore Park
Campus 2 – South Lafayette, Youngsville Sports Complex
Campus 3 – Alexandria, Johnny Downs Sports Complex
  • Would there only be Lafayette-based coaches?
No, CSC will have an Alexandria Director of Coaching, and is committed to using capable, licensed coaches that currently work with Crossroads’ Academy & Competitive teams. CSC will provide increased coaching development for local coaches in addition to providing Lafayette-based staff to assist in the day-to-day needs of players — including a weekly rotation of CSC directors.  Also, CSC is invested in attracting and developing additional coaches at all of its campuses.
  • What is the benefit of affiliating with CSC?
The benefits are too numerous to list here, but generally speaking, with over 3500 players in CSC’s current programs, CSC has increased resources and staff to provide a more complete player development experience for CENLA players — more for the young players just starting out and more for the older players hoping to continue their playing careers in college and beyond.  Potential benefits would include (but are not limited to): adding a Boys Director of Coaching; adding a Girls Director of Coaching; adding an Alexandria Director of Coaching; coordinating whole age group play dates involving all CSC campuses; discounts on CSC tournaments; expanded club passing opportunities; additional exposure to college training and scouting; additional local, state, and regional league opportunities.
  • Would tryouts be in Lafayette?
No.  The 9U-10U Academy program will have a player placement date(s) in Alexandria, and Competitive tryouts will be run by CSC in Alexandria.
  • Would programs be more expensive?
No, CSC aims to provide more to CENLA players at the same cost.  CSC’s fee structure is similar to CSA’s in that there will be club fees (paid to CSC) and team fees (paid to and distributed by team).
Additionally,  CSC is excited to announce options that allow players to pay club and team fees via team/club fundraising.
  • What about uniforms?
There would be new uniforms, but as next season is the beginning of a new 2-year cycle for both CSC and CSA, all players will be getting new uniforms as originally scheduled for 2018/19-2019/20.
  • Who is invited to the presentation?
All current Crossroads players and parents as well as any potential players in the CENLA area are invited!

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