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Elite Amateur

Crossroads’ Elite Amateur team competes under the name Pool Boys Football Club (Pool Boys FC or PBFC). PBFC plays in the Gulf Coast Premier League (GCPL“)one of thirteen USASA ‘Elite Amateur’ leagues in the U.S.  There are two GCPL seasons: one competes the winter (Nov-Feb/Mar) and another in the summer (May-July).  All players ages 16 and above are eligible to compete for PBFC.



Interested in Joining PBFC?

The SUMMER GCPL season kicks off May 13th.  PBFC is always interested in talented, dedicated players looking to make an impact on the field.  If you’re interested in joining PBFC, fill out the form below and PBFC will get back to you about setting up a tryout.  Or you can contact Jeremy at director@cenlasoccer.com.

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