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Recreational FAQs

Who can play rec soccer and what are the details for each age group?

All children, ages 3-18, can play recreational (“rec”) soccer.  Players must reach age 3 before being able to play. See below for important details about the different age groups available. Players are grouped in single age groups based on age and grade level except for the U12, U14, and U18 age groups which include multiple ages and grade levels. (*GK=goalkeeper)



How do I register my child for soccer and how much does it cost?

All players must register online through Blue Sombrero. New users will have to (1) create an account and (2) add their child as a ‘participant’ in order to see which programs are available.

Program cost depends on age and program. As fall registration includes both fall and spring seasons (12 weeks) and uniform, soccer is affordable for everyone: cost ranges from $5-$12 per week ($80-$120 per year). Please contact CSA (director@cenlasoccer.com) if cost is the only reason you are not registering your child.

It is easiest to pay online by credit card. However, if you choose to mail a check payment (after completing online registration), please make checks payable to “CSA” and mail to:

P.O. BOX 13676
Alexandria, LA 71315

When is the recreational soccer season and when can I register?


What does recreational registration include?


How and when are recreational teams formed?

CSA starts to form teams as soon as registration opens. Special requests will have a higher likelihood of being granted if you sign-up by the Early Bird deadline. With over 1000 players in our programs and the high volume of special requests, please note that it is not possible to honor each request. The sooner we get teams organized, the sooner we can inform coaches of their team and practices can start.

Can I request that my child play with another child/team or for a certain coach?

Though CSA includes registration space for special requests, please note that it is not possible to honor each special request. There is a much greater chance of your requested being granted if you register before the Early Bird deadline. Also, please remember that CSA’s belief is that recreational teams should be formed for the benefit of all players, which may preclude individual requests. Special requests must be included in the space provided on the online registration to be considered.

When AND How will I find out which team my child is playing on?

Once teams have been formed, CSA will provide each coach with a roster of players. The coach will then contact his/her players to arrange a team meeting and setup the team’s practice schedule. Players typically find out their team 1-2 weeks before first game. Practice typically starts the week before the first games. Communication is via email and/or text message.

How do I get Uniforms AND What equipment does each player need?

CSA will give each team’s coach that team’s uniforms (jersey & socks). The coach will then distribute to players.


*Ball: See age group chart above for correct size of ball. CSA hosts free clinics throughout the year that often give each player that attends a free ball. Check the community outreach tab for more info.

*Cleats: Soccer cleats are not required; football and baseball cleats are not permitted; CSA recommends that Little Dribblers do not play in cleats – flat, tennis or running shoes will be best for our youngest players to get a good feel/touch for the ball.

Why does CSA’s recreational program not post standings?

The players in the recreational program tend to be of a younger, developmental age; therefore we place priority on participation and development and less emphasis on results. At this age it is important for players to have the confidence to learn and try new things with a soccer ball, and not be primarily concerned with winning or losing.

Who coaches recreational teams AND what if no one volunteers?

The vast majority of our recreational coaches are volunteers: parents or siblings of current or past players who freely give their time and effort. Though CSA relies extensively on volunteer coaches, CSA offers coaching clinics and provides practice plans/activities for these coaches so that they will be prepared to help your child have fun while learning the beautiful game of soccer.

Occasionally, no parents on a team will offer to be the volunteer coach. If a volunteer coach is not found (after asking team for volunteers), Crossroads will provide a list of college soccer players that are willing to coach. These college players will most likely not volunteer their time and instead expect to be paid a weekly fee ($30-$50 total per week, not per kid). This is not the recommended pathway but one that we have developed over the past couple of season due to a reduction in parents willing to volunteer. These college players will have passed a background check (as all of our other volunteers) but are not CSA staff and are not under CSA’s control.

If a team does not have a volunteer coach and it does not want to pay for a substitute, the team will be disbanded and the players will be unable to play.

Where AND When do recreational teams practice and play?


* Practice fields are first-come, first-served unless previously booked through CSA for a scrimmage.
* Additional practice facilities may be used once they have been added as insured properties by CSA. Please contact CSA (director@cenlasoccer.com) to get your facility added before starting to practice there.